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Current list of cheers:

~ Each chant is performed 3 times (HOLD FOR 3 SECONDS ON LAST ONE)
~ ‘Let’s go Fuquay’  - add a personal spirit at the end (jump, kick, wave, etc)

~ We will intermittently do stunts throughout game to music/specific cheers

1.  Big G, Little O (with poms)

Big G           Little O                                  
Come on Bengals                   
Go, Go, Go!                 

2. Slide to the Left (with poms)

Slide to the Left             
Slide to the Right           
Come on Bengals         (high V arms, legs together)
Fight, Fight, Fight!         

3.  Let’s Score  (NO poms)   (OFFENSIVE CHEER)

Let’s score!

4.  No Doubt About It  (NO poms)

 No doubt about it
Stand up and shout it
The Bengals are Number 1!

5.  Go G-O (with poms) – start with “cheer stance”

Go, G-O
Go Bengals, Go!

6.  W-I-N (with poms)  - STUNT CHEER!!

 (*4 times)
Fight to Win

7.  V-I-C-T  (NO poms)

Victory, that’s right  (HIP POP!)
Hey, let’s fight

8.  It’s Countdown we’re #1 (NO poms)   (LAST QUARTER)

It’s countdown, we’re #1

9.  Bengals do it again (with poms)     (AFTER TOUCHDOWNS)

Bengals, do it again
Yell Go Fight Win

10. Who Rocks the House (with poms)

Who rocks the house
Bengals rock the house
And when the Bengals rock the house
We rock it all the way down – woo!! 

11.  T-D (with poms)

T-D, we want a Touchdown
T-D, we want a Touchdown

12.  Bang, Bang (NO poms)

Bang Bang, Choo choo train
C’mon Bengals, do your thing!
Get it, Get it, Got it, Got it
Uh, Let it Roll
Uh, Let it Roll

13.  The “Hey Song” – WITH STUNT

easy repetitive 8 count with stunt

~ 30-45 second chant, followed by 1 minute choreography to music
~ This will be the same routine throughout the season, so that we can also focus on learning choreography for the Cheer Explosion without much confusion

“2 bits – 4 bits”  (this will showcase stunts and double teams, which we will go over in practice)

“Country Girl, Shake it for Me”   (approx. 1 min long)



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