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Strong Center Youth Football and Cheer

Friday Night 7v7

FRIDAY, June 17th, 2022 
at Fuquay-Varina High School
201 Bengal Blvd, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Event Fee:  $50 per team per age group
3 games per team (4 teams per age group)
Register at this link:

Registration Deadline is Tuesday, June 14th at 12, noon or until team spots are filled.
If you are interested to fill spots vacated by any pending teams, please follow the instructions below.  We will add those teams for wait list.

Friday Football 7v7 Schedule as Google Sheet (TBD):  

Teams Represented:

 8U (4 Teams Max) - Invitation10U (4 Teams Max) - Invitation 12U (4 Teams Max) - Invitation
 The Strong CenterThe Strong CenterThe Strong Center
 Vance County VenomVance County Venom
Vance County Venom
Carolina Cobras







 Waitlist Teams  

Event Partners

BM Peterson Sports Performance:

Dicks Sporting Goods:


The Strong Center "Snack Shack" Concessions  

Water, Gatorade, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke
Popcorn, Hot Dogs, 
Nachos n Cheese, Assorted Candy

Zaxby's Famous Chicken Sandwich Meal with Drink $5 

Scrimmage Information

Check In Information

Each Team's Coach shall check in upon arrival.
  At the check in tent, the Coach shall confirm all signed waivers for participants.  The Coach will then receive 5 gate passes per team, a schedule, and a field map.  All players wearing uniform will be admitted free.

All other spectators and parents may be admitted by donation of non-perishable food items for the evening.  All food items will be distributed to the Fuquay-Varina Emergency Food Pantry.  

Scrimmage Information

Each team will receive approximately 20 minutes per game.  A total of 20 minutes per matchup is allotted with 10 minutes to reset the fields for the next matchup.  Please note that the event is on a HARD SCHEDULE.  Matchups will rotate every 30 minutes by horn.  The CLOCK will be running as soon as the horn blows.  We will stay on time.

Coaches will determine a home/away designation via coin flip or by mutual agreement.  

After each matchup, please have your team exit the field quickly so that the next matchup can begin on time.


1.       Center: cannot participate in the offensive play-other than snapping the ball.

2.       QB: cannot run the ball-but can go out for a pass.

3.       Games:

a.       Will be (20)min Sprints-with running clock.

b.       Each Coach has (2) 15sec timeouts

c.       Playing field is 40 yards

d.       First downs will be achieved at 25yds and 10yds.

e.       Offense can only gain (2) first downs per offensive possession.

4.       Refs: (2) per game

5.       Official Score: will be kept on the sideline.

6.       Official Time: will be kept on the sideline and announced at: (10) mins (5) mins (1)min and again at (30) seconds. When clock hits (10) seconds the time will be counted down and whistle will signal end of game. If a play is taking place when the whistle is blown-the end result of that play will count. If a penalty takes place on the defense, the ball will be spotted and another play given to the offensive team.

7.       One hand touch:

a.       Offensive player will be ruled “Down” when touched with 1-hand.

                                                              i.      One hand will also encompass one finger if touched.

b.       If players make contact (bumped) and possession is gained, this will not be considered “down” there must be an attempt to one hand touch-incidental contact does not constitute one hand touch.

c.       No flags will be used.

8.       Blocking is not allowed:

a.       If blocking takes place-loss of down and 5yd penalty from original spot.

9.       Excessive contact:

a.       Not allowed. No shoving, pushing to the ground or two hand slapping will be allowed. If excessive contact takes place the offensive team will get an automatic first down and the player and team will receive (1) warning. If another excessive contact penalty takes place the team being penalized, will we required to play with (6) players. If the penalty is on the same player, they will be removed from the game and not allowed to play in the following game.

10.   Running Plays: are allowed between the 40yd-10yd line.

a.       No running plays are allowed inside of the 10yd line.

11.   Quarterback must release football within:

a.       7-seconds for age groups 10U and 8U.

b.       5-seconds for 12U age group.

12.   Interceptions:

a.       Interception will constitute a turnover-defense will get the ball on the 40yd line going in-the ball will not be placed where the interception occurs.

b.       Interceptions can be returned to the 40yd line for (6) points-unless touched by offensive player.

13.   Starting Point:

a.       Ball will start at the 40yd line each possession.

14.   First downs:

a.       Offense has (4) downs to get a first down or to score if within the 10yd line.

b.       Offense can only can (2) first downs per possession, unless a penalty is called.

15.   Scoring:

a.       Touchdown: (6) points.


(1)point-from the (5) yd line.

(2)point from the (10)yd line.

b.       Interception: (3) points

c.       Interception returned to 40yd line: TD=(6) points

16.   Interceptions:

a.       Interception-(3) points

                                                              i.      Defensive Team will then get the ball at the 40yd line and offensive possession.

b.       Interception returned to 40yd line-will be considered a TD and receive (6) points

c.       Interceptions returned for a TD:

                                                              i.      the offensive team throwing the interception will be given ball back at the 40yd line.

d.       Interceptions returned for TDs will be given a conversions attempt.

17.   Overtime:

a.       Each team will get the ball from the (10) yd line. Only (2) point conversions on a score will take place. If the team that starts on defense intercepts the ball and returns it for a TD-game is over.

18.   Trick Plays:

a.       Trick plays are allowed, but must follow traditional rules.

b.       Only 1-forward pass allowed per play.

c.       Reverse passes are allowed.


No outside personal coolers, food, or beverages will be allowed.  However, team coolers are allowed as well as other foods or beverages necessary for dietary concerns (i.e. special needs, babies, etc.).  No alcohol is allowed at this event or on school and park grounds.  

Friday Night Lights

Register Now at this link:

Welcome and Location Information

The Strong Center Youth Football and Cheer
Welcomes You to our House!


Pre-School Age:  Free
School Age: Free with a non-perishable food item
Adults: Free with a non-perishable food item

Registration Information

What Next?  If you would like to attend this event with your team, take the following steps:

1. Send any questions by email to [email protected] and/or complete the team request form at this link:

2. Once your team request is received, your team will be assigned a spot in the event and an electronic invoice will be sent to your director or will be placed on waitlist.  Payment must be received to secure your place.  Registration (non-refundable) is $50 per team. 
For example 3 teams = $150).  

3. Prior to the event, each participant must sign a waiver at the link below and the coach shall provide a roster of participants at check in.  A copy of the form is provided at this link:

4. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 919-285-1374 with questions.


Pre-School Age:  Free
School Age: A donation at the gate of a non-perishable food item.
Adults: A donation at the gate of a non-perishable food item.

205 S. Fuquay Avenue 
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 27526

Phone: 919-285-1374
Email: [email protected]

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